Choose business lunch Nr. ONE or TWO, 

add more from our regular food menu
and wine list at special prices to take away
and call us at
 730 89 88 89
We'll bring it all to your office* or just have it ready to take away.

Place your order between 10 and 11:30 a.m. and have it at 12:30 there.


09.05. - 13.05.2022

SOUP - throughout the week

Spinach soup, poached eeg, tzar caviar   65

Nr. ONE - throughout the week

Asparagus, Prague ham, mimolette cheese, white wine sauce  165

Nr. TWO - on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Pork roast, groats, wild garlic, king oyster, black garlic sauce  175

Nr. TWO - on Thursday and Friday

Salmon roasted in butter, asparagus, brown butter, sauerkraut sauce   175

...what would you like us to cook for you? yalta@yalta.cz 

*) For now, we only bring lunches to The Flow building, on Wenceslas Square 47.

    But let us know if you would like to and we will definitely make a deal :)